About Kebomed

We are a solid company, independent and family-owned that comes endorsed
with experience and expertise with roots in multiple European countries.
We have the power, ambition and curiosity to think long-term.

... and what does that mean for:

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Companies seeking to grow their business in the European medical device market turn to Kebomed for our deep industry expertise across countries in Europe and our ability to understand the local needs. Offering an easy one point of contact sales force of nearly 100 people, we help both large and specialized leading medical device suppliers successfully expand their market positions. 

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Our approach to doctors, nurses, technicians and others is not just about taking orders and giving broad product information. We listen to you, understand your specific needs and always try to respond by providing the right solution. Our professional sales teams share relevant knowledge about state of the art products and procedures to continuously update and inspire you.

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Our people are experienced, trained professionals: we know the industry, understand the clinical setting and have established relationships with key stakeholders. We know and care for the specific challenges of the local markets. Our enjoyment, enthusiasm and the fact that a patient is involved in all we do, is what drives and unites us across the European countries and makes us one European Kebomed family. 

Our History

KEBOMED Europe AG is a leading independent European distributor of medical devices and equipment for the healthcare system with vast clinical experience and a deep knowledge of the local markets. Behind KEBOMED lie exciting stories from companies all  over Europe that go back more than 75 years. The company we know today was created in 1995 with local presence in Denmark,Sweden and Finland. Since then, we merged with & acquired medical device distributors having unique positions in each marketplace: LiNA Medical UK & Iona Surgical in the UK, Welmed & Sigma Medical in the Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg, and DMA in Norway. During the past years, we have expanded our European presence considerably to include France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. So today KEBOMED is truly European.

This enables us to distribute across Europe with one point of contact for our partners.

One company with one voice – customizing our offerings - as one size does not fit all!


Our identity was redesigned in 2014 to visualize the ’new’ Kebomed, being a strong united company with European reach – now one company with one voice. The logo design is solid and powerful using the company symbol ’o’ as the core in balance. The ’o’ symbolizes not only the unification of several companies into one Kebomed, but also our roots of understanding and serving on the one hand the medical device suppliers and on the other hand customers in the healthcare system.

The design of the new logo captures the spirit of Kebomed with a typeface, which reaffirms the solidity and prestige associated with our history, and colours, which echo the heritage of our business and Kebomed’s curiosity to inspire with news about latest state-of-the art innovations.


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